Our Story


Welcome to Springfield! We are so glad you’re here.

The cabins at Springfield provide a comfortable home away from home for the discerning guest who would like to enjoy the best of what South Central Virginia has to offer! With a rich history and all the modern amenities you need to enjoy a relaxing stay, we love providing a touch of southern hospitality and local expertise to help you enjoy your time in the area.


The property known locally as Springfield stayed in the same family for 8 generations until acquired by the Gordons in February 2012. The main house has been largely untouched since its construction apart from a few minor changes that allowed for the addition of electricity, indoor plumbing, and an add-on that houses the kitchen.

The Springfield farm was established in 1799, and the house was built in 1842. The home is an example of antebellum architecture and its interior includes the carpentry of the finest craftsman of the area, Mr. Thomas Day of Milton Virginia. Mr. Day’s work was recently featured at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, and his furniture and work are highly sought after by collectors.

The town of Halifax and South Boston share in the rich history of the greater Halifax County, an area that boasts some of the finest examples of 19th century agricultural developments and fine architecture.

The Cabins at Springfield - Halifax VA


In 2014, construction of a log cabin started on the property using locally sourced timber. The 18′ x 18′ cabin (shown above in the photo on the left) uses half dovetail notches at the corners sand traditional mortar as chinking. The cabin has been furnished with an addition that houses a kitchenette and private bathroom as well as a private porch that allows guests to relax in their own little piece of the farm.

In 2015, a timber frame cabin was relocated from Georgetown, Massachusetts and now serves as the second guest facility at Springfield (shown above in the photo on the right). This 12′ x 16′ structure showcases the traditional timber framing construction method with an addition that houses its own private bathroom and kitchenette.


Halifax County has a homey feel that is unmatched, and our guests have the opportunity to relax and unwind, enjoy the local community, grab a cocktail at our distillery, and venture into the surrounding areas for more fun! Just a short drive from South Boston, Danville, Raleigh, and Greensboro, come enjoy the serenity of a cabin stay and see what adventures can be had along the way!